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This API should NOT be used to embed a screenshot directly on a web page unless you are able to hide your API key for visitors. This API is best suited to download thumbnails offline.

We recommend to use the new Embed API instead. We will keep supporting this legacy API. We have added a few parameters.

Your API key can be found in the member section after you sign up for a free account.



The list of options available below. Only the url parameter is required, other values default to the option you choose in your profile.

Parameter value free silver gold platinum
api_key your key
url url
width (thumbnail) 1 - 2000 1-1280 1-1280 1-1600 1-2000
encoding (thumbnail format) jpg, png
quality (for JPEG thumbnails only) 10 - 100
timestamp (generate a new thumbnail) any value not available
No watermark (thumbnail) watermark
size (full page or visible screen) page - screen screen
delay (time after page loaded) 1 - 30 5 5
bwidth (browser width) 1 - 2000 1280 1280 1-2000
bheight (browser height) 1 - 2000 1024 1024 1-1600 1-2000
country (location of the browser) us, germany germany germany

You need to ensure that all parameters are encoded correctly, especially the url parameter.

timestamp: use a different timestamp to geenrate a new image. You can use any string but we recommend to use the current date: timestamp=2017-02-04:18:56:03. You should use it in place of generate=1

country: you can take screenshots from US or Germany. Contact us for other countries.

bwidth and bheight define the viewport of the browser.


You can track the status of the screenshots through the HTTP headers sent back by thumbalizr.com:

X-Thumbalizr-Status: status of the screenshot:

  • QUEUED: screenshot is being processed
  • OK: screenshot is done, your received the thumbnail you requested
  • FAILED: screenshot has failed

X-Thumbalizr-Generated: date the screenshot was generated, for example 02 Apr 2014 11:03:24 GMT.

X-Thumbalizr-Error: reason why the screenshot failed.