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New libraries for Django, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc.

New libraries to embed Thumbalizr on your website We have added a number of libraries and plugins for different web frameworks and languages. These plugins allow you to embed Thumbalizr easily on your websites. We have focused on the most popular web frameworks:

  • Django: an extension to call Thumbalizr directly from your Django templates.
  • Ruby on Rails: this extension adds a custom thumbalizr_url tag to all your templates.
  • Template Toolkit: a plugin to call Thumbalizr from your templates.

All these plugins are open-source. The code source is available on github. They can be installed with your favorite dependency manager: rubygem, pip, cpan, etc.

If you need to use Thumbalizr outside of a web framework, or need a deeper integration with your websites, a number of libraries are available as well for Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP. Check out the documentation and the code samples.

If you need tools for other languages or web frameworks, please let us know.

Embed screenshtos in Django, Rails, PHP, etc. with Thumbalizr

Feb 4, 2020

Custom error and processing images

Upload a custom error or processing image You can upload your own images in place of the default error and processing thumbnails you provide. You can upload the images inside your profile. The custom processing image will be used wile we are creating the thumbnail for you. The custom error image will be used when your screenshot fails. The custom images will be resized as needed to fit your API call.

Custom images must be PNG files under 5 MB. You should use an image in the same dimensions as the thumbnails you typically require to get the best display. You can delete your custom images to use the default thumbnails we provide.

Upload custom images in your profile
The updated profile settings

May 3, 2018

New membership page

new membership age We have update the membership page to make it easier to choose the right membership. To simplify the check out process, we have dropped the 3-month payment option.

You can choose between a monthly subscription and a one-time payment. Subscriptions are now managed by Chargebee. This service makes it easy to download receipts, upgrade, downgrade our cancel your membership. You still have the option to pay with Paypal or a credit card, in US dollars or euros.

Check out the new membership page
The new membership page

Apr 29, 2018

Code samples for the Embed API

Download code samples in Perl, PHP and Python We've added code samples in PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Bash for the Embed API. These scripts can be downloaded an run locally, you just have to update the code with your Embed API key and Secret. The examples illustrate how to easily embed Thumbalizr thumbnails into your website. We are working on a complete library for more advanced use case.

Download code samples for Ruby, Bash, Perl, PHP or Python
Code sample from the API documentation

Jan 26, 2018

Caching and world-wide infrastructure

World-wide infrastructure We have enabled better caching and additional servers in US, Germany, UK and Australia.

Distributed architecture

Thumbalizr now serves thumbnails from the closest location to your users. We have servers in the US, Europe (Germany, UK) and Australia. All servers are tested every minutes and are removed automatically in case of an issue. Caching has also been improved to reduce the response time.

Thumbalizr is now in Europe, US and Australia

Aug 5, 2017