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Libraries for Python and Django

We provide a library for Python and for Django. The Python module makes it easy to download your thumbnails, while the Django plugin adds a custom filter thumbalizr to generate the Thumbalizr URL right inside your templates.

Quick code sample

The python code to generate a Thumbalizr URL is pretty simple, you can easily copy and paste it into your project:

import hashlib
import urllib

def thumbalizr(url='', options={}):
  embed_key = 'MY_EMBED_API_KEY' # replace it with you Embed API key
  secret = 'MY_SECRET' # replace it with your Secret
  query = 'url=' + urllib.quote_plus(url)

  for key, value in options.items():
    query += '&' + key + '=' + urllib.quote_plus(str(value))
  token = hashlib.md5(query + secret).hexdigest()

  return "https://api.thumbalizr.com/api/v1/embed/%s/%s/?%s" % (embed_key, token, query)

print thumbalizr("https://browshot.com/", { 'width': 300, 'size': 'page' })
print thumbalizr("google.com")

Download code sample

Python library

You can install the Thumbalizr library with pip: pip install thumbalizr. You'll find the source code in GitHub

Your API key and Secret can be found in the member section after you sign up for a free account.

from thumbalizr import Thumbalizr

thumbalizr = Thumbalizr(MY_KEY', 'MY_SECRET')
url = thumbalizr.url('https://www.google.com/');

results = thumbalizr.download_wait(url);
print("%s"  % (results[0]))

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Django extension

Add the thumbalizr_django app to your Django project to use the thumbalizr custom filter in your templates. First, add the library to your list of installed apps in settings.py:

# settings.py

Then, add your global settings in the same file::

# settings.py
	'WIDTH': '',

You can set any of the API parameters supported: COUNTRY, DELAY, etc.

Your API key and Secret can be found in the member section after you sign up for a free account.

Now, you can call thumbalizr inside your templates to generate the Thumbalizr URL of your thumbnails. You can pass pass the width of the thumbnail:

{% load thumbalizr_tags %}
<img src="{{ 'https://www.thumbalizr.com/'|thumbalizr:800 }}"/>

You can find the source code of the Django extension on GitHub.